Ego productions

From irreverence to delight


Ego Productions has been entertaining major French networks and digital TV since 1998.

It is run by Pascale Breugnot who, in the 80-90’s, worked in the major national networks: Director of news magazines and documentaries in public service broadcasting at Antenne 2, and Director of Fiction at TF1.

Ego’s programming is diverse, from tv series (comedies and dramedies for the most part) to documentaries always in direct connection with themes shaking up modern society, such as “Alice Nevers, le juge est une femme” (16 90-minute episodes and 66 52-minute episodes) produced for TF1, or the documentary “Vents Contraires” (4x52’) for the Planète network.

Ego productions stands for...

an extreme attention
to details,

For true sincerity

clear and asserted

To change perception

an unrestrained delight.

For even more freedom



Pascale Breugnot

Started her career as a journalist and producer for the research department of the ORTF and the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel.
Director of news magazines and documentaries at Antenne 2.
Director of news magazines and documentaries, then Director of creation at TF1.
Created and runs Banco, a branch of TF1, producing tv series.
Has produced many news magazine: “Moi je”, “Psy-show”, “Sexy-Folies”, “Gym-Tonic”, “Perdue de Vue”, “Pour la vie”, (…)
Created Ego Productions in 1998.
Pascal Wyn - Ego Productions

Pascal Wyn

Vincent Mouluquet - Ego Productions


Pierre Emmanuel Fleurantin - Ego Productions

Pierre Emmanuel Fleurantin

Hélène Bonnemain

Executive attaché

Hélène Bonnemain

Chief Accounting Officer

Lydia Monza

Lydia Monza
Nathalie Vigée


Nathalie Vigée

Literature Director

Hugo Nathan

Hugo Nathan

Writing Collaboration

Nathalie Suhard

Ronith Cohen

Ego Doc team

In 2010, the company decided to create a department of documentaries. Patrick Fléouter then came on board to create Egodoc.

In 2013, Olivier Wlodarczyk took over Patrick Fléouter continuing the big editorial policies that are culture and cinema documentaries, while developing societal topics, discovery, geopolitique,, history and economy.

Egodoc has produced over 30 documentaries for France Télévisions (France 2, France 3, France 5, France Ô), TF1, Planète +, Ciné +, Paris Première, Stylia, Histoire…

Documentaries that shine a light on social trends, injustices either historical or societal, initiatives changing minds, discoveries of other civilisations to better understand who we are, portraits of people who are changing things.

We aim to play our part in building tomorrow’s society with socially-aware films, solicitous of positives initiatives, portraits of strong personalities, convictions and enthusiasm.


Olivier Wlodarczyk

Business director & Editor in chief

Anne Hirsch

Production Manager

Antoine Dabin

Production Executive Manager

Carole Schmierer